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About Us

The word  "cantiq" (pronounced chun-tick) is an Indonesian word, meaning "beautiful."  

The name aligns with founder's mission to collaborate with artisans to produce naturally gorgeous pieces that fill your life with beauty.



You can feel good about every Cantiq purchase. Our products are made of natural material and some of them are derived from recycled plastic, bags, bottles, or toys. They are carefully curated from local villages cooperative that empowers women. These pieces are handcrafted by women, many of whom are mothers and grandmothers. 


Our products are not mass produced in a large factory, but created from home where women weave the products while taking care of their family at the same time. Every purchase through Cantiq helps boost the lives of these women, who craft every piece with age-old techniques that have been passed down to them over generations.

Meet Hartati

Hartati Suganda (Ati) founded Cantiq Living as a way to showcase the beautiful and high-quality handcrafted goods by women in her native Indonesia.  Educated in the US, Ati has travelled extensively throughout her life. Her visits to Asia, Australia, Europe and North America fostered a deep appreciation of the arts, design, architecture and aesthetics of various culture.


Today, she is delighted to bring the intricately handcrafted goods of her childhood home to North American markets.

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