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This abstract nativity set is well carved out of Albasia Wood. It will add a magnificent décor to your home during the holidays and a unique Christmas gift.

The set includes 9 whimsical characters :
- Baby Jesus
- Mary
- Joseph
- 3 Wisemen
- Donkey
- Sheep
- Starry Arch

Product details:
Soldering Hand Carving Nativity S/8 from Albasia Wood with Natural Color


Joseph: L4  W3.5  H17.5 / L1.6" W1.4" H6.9"
Maria:  L5  W7  H11.5 / L2" W2.8" H4.5"
Baby: L6  W4  H4 / L2.4" W1.6" H1.6"
Wise man 1: L3.8  W3.9  H17.5 / L1.5" W1.5" H6.9"
Wise man 2: L4.3  W4  H18 / L1.7" W1.6" H7.1"
Wise man 3: L5  W6.5  H12 / L2" W2.6" H4.7"
Donkey: L4  W6.5  H4 / L1.6" W2.6" H1.6"
Sheep: L4  W6  H4 / L1.6" W2.4" H1.6"
Arch:  L47 W4 H25.5 / L18.5" W1.6" H10"

Soldered Nativity with Arch - Natural

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