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By using natural wood and ata seagrass, these trays is an ideal centerpiece in any room at home on the table or display shelf. It can be used for more than just decoration; it can also be used for fruits, fresh salads or just as an organizer. It also came with a set of 3 for your convenience.

Material: Ata seagrass
Small - 20 x 25 x 6 cm (7.87 x 9.84 x 2.36 in)
Medium - 20 x 30 x 6 cm (7.87 x 11.81 x 2.36 in)
Large - 30 x 40 x 6 cm (11.81 x 15.75 x 2.36 in)

Mali Scalloped Tray - Natural

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